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Stainless Steel Lock Accessories

Stainless Steel Lock Accessories:

Handle Type:
Handle can be various of kinds and shapes. However, stainless steel is the best selection, stainless steel handles are original color sain / polish, free from any chemical color plated.
It is non-rusting, the finish of stainless steel handles can keep at good condition for years without oxidation.

Sorted by material form of stainless steel:
- Casting Solid Handles
- Tubular Hollow Handles

Rosette is with round hole, based on the size of insert/stainless steel insert of the handle.And the screw center of rosette is specified in different countries or regional standard. So specified when ordered.

To determine the size and shape of keyhole on the escutcheon, mainly based on cylinder shape and size, different national or regional standards are different, so specified when ordered.

According to lockbody and cylinder, faceplate need to determine the correct cylinder hole and center of handle and cylinder hole.

Pull Handle:

Pull handle is installed onto glass or deluxe door, which is suitable for the buildings of commercial business, office, industry or public works.

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