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American lockset is anti-theft and luxury lockset, which is equipped with large longplate, handle, knob, and pull handle..
Mainly apply to the use of large off-type doors of hotels, villas and commercial premises.

Passage Function:
When the door is closed, and the locked bolt is not pressed down, the door can be opened outside with thrumb piece or inside with the knob.

Pry Function:
When the locked bolt is pressed down and the deadbolt is unlocked, the door can't be opened outside by thrumb piece, and need key to open.

Anti-thrust Function:
Locked the door with key outside or with thrumb turn inside, the deadbolt would be extended and the locked bolt and anti-thrust latch would be pressed down. At this time, key only outside.

Escape Function:
When the door locked, the deadbolt and latch can be withdrawn simultaneously by inside handle.

When the locked bolt pressed down, it will not automatically reset, manual pressure required to lift the bumper to reset.
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